It’s got the best of both worlds: the modernity of North America, its fast-paced life, yet the romantic Old-World charm from Europe, along with almost 400 years of history.

What to Do in Montreal 

Being so close to the downtown area, it’s easy to get to the shops of Sainte-Catherine Street before going up Saint-Denis Street and its many restaurants. 

Best Neighbourhoods to Explore in Montreal 

For visitors who want to take their visit even further, I recommend spending a few hours strolling in upscale Outremont, admiring the designer’s windows and the luxurious villas owned by the city’s VIP people. 

Where to Eat in Montreal 

I love La Banquise for the best, cheap poutine in town, at any hour of the day. But when I want to treat myself, I go to Le pied de cochon for their foie gras poutine, which words can’t even begin to describe. 

Where to Drink in Montreal 

There are many great places to drink in Montreal, starting with Amère à boire (which basically translates into “bitter to drink”) on Saint-Denis Street, which serves great micro brewed beers, both local and international. 

Best Place for a Night on the Town in Montreal 

Montreal has a very lively Show District (Quartier des spectacles) which presents dozens of shows every night, whether it’s music concerts, opera, stand-up comedians or theatre. I strongly recommend hanging out there, especially during festival season! 

Where to Stay in Montreal 

For the first scenario, I recommend the Auberge du Vieux-Port, which has tastefully decorated rooms and nice views over the Old-Port. Unfortunately, there isn’t really such a thing as budget accommodation in Old-Montreal.