I wasn’t expecting Tasmania to be such a foodies paradise. I knew it had the cleanest air in Australia, an abundance of native wildlife, and unspoiled scenery, but nothing prepared me for the restaurants in Tasmania!

It turns out Tassie has some of the freshest and best produce going around, it’s especially famous for its fresh seafood and cheeses.

The Best Restaurants in Tasmania

If you’re not sure where to eat in Tassie, check out these options.

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe, Elizabeth Town

It is a charming café that’s not just any ordinary eatery; it’s located on an actual raspberry farm! Meaning you get the freshest and most juicy raspberries on the island. How cool is that?

Saturday Harvest Market, Launceston

Here you will find local producers selling only food and beverages grown and produced in Tasmania, many of which within miles of Launceston, and there is a range of foods for all tastes.

Josef Chromy Vineyard Restaurant

It’s been said that Josef Chromy Winery is the best winery in Launceston. After eating in their restaurant, I can tell you that the food is top notch too.

Levee Food Co. Seaport, Launceston

Another great restaurant in Launceston is the Levee Food Co, which has a beautiful location right on the harbour in Seaport.

We enjoyed their burgers, and a Calamari Salad served on butternut pumpkin & bocconcini salad & a creamy garlic aioli dressing.

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