Tamaki Maori culture has, in some ways, shaped New Zealand’s cultural landscape. While ancient traditions are no longer practiced aside from tourism value, the traditions and customs have continued to be past down through generations.

One of the best ways to experience authentic and historic Maori culture is at the Te Pā Tū (Previously Tamaki Māori Village) in Rotorua, which was founded in 1989 by two Maori Tamaki brothers, who serve as a gateway to experience the essence of Maori heritage.

Reasons We Loved Our Tamaki Maori Village Experience

In this guide, we share with you our thoughts based on our personal experience visiting the Tamaki Maori Village in New Zealand.

Sharing of Maori Culture

The Tamaki Village experience is the BEST “touristy” cultural experience I have had anywhere around the world. Not only did I learn a lot about the Maori culture, but I felt as if I was part of a family enjoying an experience together.

Greeted With The Fierce Warrior Spirit

I have grown up experiencing the haka through our nations sporting events. It was always the thing, and really the only thing, I wanted to watch when the sporting matches came on. This fierceness was a part of our time with the Tamaki tribe from the very beginning of the evening.

Serene Atmosphere

I absolutely loved the ancient forest dwelling scenery of the village and made me instantly want to crawl in one of the huts to spend the night beside the crackling bonfires and under the canopy of the trees.

We Tried A Traditional Hangi Buffet Feast

The traditional hangi meal was a fantastic celebratory experience and a great way to learn about Maori cuisine. The buffet style food was delicious and the hangi style potatoes rocked the house.

It’s destinations like this that give us cause to reflect, to try to learn other ways and think about what this means for my future and who I want to be.

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