Cruises are a time to unwind, make amazing memories and take advantage of the extraordinary amount of food and alcohol!

Except on a cruise, all of this happens within a space of a week. It means your health can go downhill very fast.

How To Stay Healthy On A Cruise

Here’s how you can stay healthy on a cruise, yet still indulge and have a memorable time.

Ditch the elevators and walk

Ditching the elevators gifts you many stairs to walk up and down. Don’t be afraid. Not only will it help to keep off the weight, but it will also improve your cardio and strength.

Swap the buffet for the restaurant

Here’s what’s going to happen if you go to the buffet – you’ll overeat. I’m a very conscious eater, with dietary concerns, and I still overeat at a buffet.

Take your probiotics

There are thousands of people on the boat, so you are exposed to many germs – God help the cruise if a virus breaks out. The number one thing you MUST NOT forget to take on the cruise with you is your bottle of probiotics.

Get active on board + exercise

We played mini golf with the girls and loved the Sky ride and Sky-High Ropes course. There are also basketball courts which were very popular with the young males on board. And there is a walking/running track on the top deck of the ship.

Indulge the body

Head to the spa for a treatment. Get a massage or a facial. You deserve it. Your body will feel rested, restored and loved.

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