There are lots of decisions to make when it comes to travel, but one of the biggest is solo travel vs group travel; which is better?

The easy part is choosing your destination, duration, and budget because those things are less costraint, but if you’re not sure whether it’s a better idea to travel alone or with a group, then this is where this guide comes in.

The Benefits of Solo Travel

Let’s start with the pros of solo travel. Here are some of the main reasons why you may decide to travel by yourself as opposed to a tour.

You have complete freedom and independence

Simply, there’s no-one else dictating how you spend your time. You decide what to do and what not to. You’re the captain of your ship. You make the rules.

There are time benefits

This one relates to being in control of your freedom and independence, but it’s worth emphasising. Travel solo, and your time is your own. That’s a huge gift when it comes to travel and life in general.

It’s an opportunity to develop as a person

There’s something about fending for yourself, being outside of your comfort zone and having no-one to figure things out for you that forces you to develop. It’s exactly the challenges involved with solo travel that make it so powerful.

You have your own space

This one might sound obvious but by being alone, you’re able to get away from the noise and politics that can accompany being in a group of people.

You get to choose your accommodation

If you’re booking a multi-day group tour, you will likely have no say in where you stay. This can sometimes be a great experience, as many group tours offer a homestay experience where you stay in with a local family, but it can also go the other way.

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