Solo travel teaches you a lot about yourself.

It allows you to have headspace when things are stressful, it allows you to connect deeper to a country’s culture and way of life, and you get the chance to meet other solo travelers and make new travel friends.

Solo Female Travel Safety Tips

But if you’re new to solo travel, or you’re thinking of taking your first solo adventure, then you may be in need of practical advice about safety and where to go to get your feet wet.

Don’t think about the possible dangers

Most of the things you worry about never happen. Just believe in your own power. You can overcome any challenge.

Be Aware

Keep your wits about yourself and your surroundings at all time. Spend time looking around you and taking note of what you see. Be present in every moment. This will help alert you to any potential dangers.

Trust your intuition

Don’t freak yourself out by imaginary monsters, but definitely pay attention to those little messages our animal instincts give us.

Walk assertively and confidently

Walk with your head held high, and confidently greet people and look them in the eye. I have done this many times when I have felt afraid, and it instantly made me feel very strong and brave.

Let people know of your plans

Tell people you know and trust where you are going and when. With today’s communication portals this can involve something as quick as an email, facebook message, twitter update or Skype call.

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