Solo travel to Southeast Asia is one of the best ways to break into a solo travel lifestyle because it’s safe, easy to get around, and the people are so friendly.

That being said, it’s true that being a solo female traveler is more challenging than travelling with a group or as a man. You may face unwanted male attention and are sometimes seen as an easy target for touts in the street.

Solo Female Travel Tips For Southeast Asia

Here are my tips for staying safe on the road as a female solo traveller, picked up from over six-months of full-time solo travel around Asia.

Walk with confidence

Stand up straight and if people hassle you pretend that you have somewhere to go. If you are seriously in trouble, walk up to another foreigner and pretend to be friends.

Relax when you arrive in a new place

Take a minute to adjust to the new place. Look around and acclimatise, maybe even buy a coffee and have time to adjust.

Learn the language

It doesn’t matter how much of the language you know; many people will be so proud and happy to hear you utter ‘Thank you‘ in their mother tongue.

Let people know where you are at all times

I always try to update my Facebook as much as possible and let people at home know where I am and if I will be in an area with no internet for a while.

Don’t be alone

This seems like a hard task for a solo traveller, but most incidences of assault happen when the victim is alone. Try to be around other tourists on transport and when sight-seeing in the day.

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