Siena is easy to visit in a day, but lovely enough to stay longer. It’s here we discovered, what is now my favorite church in Europe – The Duomo of Siena!

You’ll find there are many things to do in Siena in one day, which makes it the perfect Tuscan day trip from Florence.

Things to Do in Siena in One Day

Siena may be a city, but it’s small enough to walk around and see the highlights in just 24 hours.

Duomo of Siena

I was blown away by how beautiful and unique this cathedral was. I have never seen anything like it before. I enjoyed it more than the famous Duomo in Florence.

The Siena Duomo complex includes the Crypt, the Baptistery, Piccolomini Library, the Museo dell’Opera, the Oratory, and the Facciatone Viewpoint.

While you may be tempted to look up inside the Duomo, don’t forget to look down at the marble floor, which is an artistic masterpiece in its own right, consisting of over 50 unique panels depicting biblical scenes, allegories, and mythological figures.

Piazza del Campos

Nestled within the heart of Siena, lies the most popular attraction in the city, bursting with historic charm and a captivating allure – Piazza del Campo. 

Piazza del Campo is also renowned for hosting the Palio di Siena, a thrilling horse race held twice a year. Witnessing this ancient tradition unfold amidst the fervor and excitement of the crowds is an experience like no other.

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