New York City is the original concrete jungle, a bustling mass of skyscrapers, sidewalks, and subways. Green spaces and gardens can be few and far between, making them especially coveted for residents and visitors alike – especially once the weather warms up.

1. Central Park

Although Central Park New York is a favorite place for New Yorkers to walk their dogs or play in a softball league, there are plenty of iconic sites as well. Have a drink at the Boathouse and watch the lovers row around the lake under Bow Bridge – or even rent a boat yourself. 

2. Washington Square Park

The square is lined with the NYU campus buildings, so it’s unsurprisingly filled with plenty of college kids. Washington Square Park is right in the heart of West Village, and only a few steps from the shopping madness of SoHo.  

3. Fort Tryon Park

It’s hard to believe you’re still on Manhattan when you’re in Fort Tryon Park: it starts at 190th Street. It holds the city’s largest public garden, overlooking the Hudson River with a view of the George Washington Bridge. 

4. Gramercy Park

It’s been fenced since 1833 and locked since 1844, with keys only granted to parkside residents, club members and hotel guests. Gramercy Park is arguably the most exclusive green space in New York City: you can only enter with one of 383 coveted keys to the park.