There is a reason Greece is known as one of the top travel destinations in the world. The picturesque scenery, the ancient civilizations, the impeccably blue Mediterranean waters…

For regular travellers, Greece is a dream vacation; for avid scuba divers it is pure bliss. Scuba diving Zakynthos is unlike diving anywhere else in the world.

Our Experience Scuba Diving on Zakynthos

After our arrival on the island, it took only one glimpse at the blue Ionian sea for us to get the scuba diving itch.

In no time we had found a dive shop in Keri to get salty with over the next two weeks. From the Keri harbour there are about 12 known dive sites that can be explored.

Over our two week stay on Zakynthos, Joey and I had the chance to dip our toes into a little of everything. Day after day Joey and I would prep our gear, head out to one of the dive sites, roll off the boat and hit the cool blue water.

Like clockwork, every time the water enveloped me I knew it was going to be a good dive; I felt like a Mediterranean mermaid. Colourful fish were darting this way and that way with no set path in mind.

Enormous rocky walls coated in colourful sponges and plant life went by me as I was sweeping from the surface deep past my diving ability.

For two scuba divers who have done most of their diving in Canada, it felt like heaven on earth. My favorite dive site was Lakka, it had the best of both worlds; caves and great creatures for macro photography.

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