When it comes to beaches in Tasmania, there are none more beautiful than the remote Hazards Beach, which is often overlooked by the famous Wineglass Bay.

But getting to Hazards Beach is not easy, since it’s located deep within the Freycinet National Park on Tasmania’s East Coast. There are three ways to see Hazards Beach, by hiking, by water taxi, and from above.

How To See Hazards Beach, Tasmania

Here are the three ways to get the best views…

Scenic Flight to Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach with Tasmanian Air Adventure

Our pilot pointed out beautiful places along the way and had a lot of knowledge and passion for the area.

I felt really safe in the seaplane and thoroughly enjoyed this way of flying. Landing and take-off were smooth and far more stunning than any airport could ever be.

Hiking to Hazards Beach

Most people hike to the viewpoint of Wineglass Bay and that is it. It’s a much longer hike down to Wineglass Bay Beach and across to Hazards located on the other side of the peninsula.

To hike to Hazards Beach, I suggest hiking the Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach Circuit. It’s long but it’s not particularly strenuous, however, you may struggle to do this with kids.

Water Taxi to Hazards Beach

Since boats cannot land in Wineglass Bay, this is a popular way for those to reach Wineglass Bay without doing a full hike. The water taxi also goes to Cooks Beach.

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