The Saguaro cactus are captivating. Their presence commands your attention and musings.

It’s almost as if they are watching you, standing guard protecting you and ensuring that you are behaving and taking care of Saguaro National Park and the natural beauty surrounding you.

Things to Do in Saguaro National Park West

If you’re thinking of visiting Saguaro National Park but you’re not sure what to do, here are the best attractions in Saguaro National Park…

Embrace Cactus Diversity at the Cactus Garden Trail

It’s a great introduction to the National Park and the many different types of cactus and their importance to the desert environment.

Marvel at the Scenic Bajada Loop Drive

The Bajada Loop Drive is a fantastic 3-mile scenic loop drive. It’s one of the best scenic drives out of the city of Tucson. It combines two roads, Hohokam Road and Golden Gate Road.

Look for Petroglyphs at Signal Hill

This is an easy 0.5 mile return hike up a small rocky hill to see some ancient petroglyphs – and beautiful views as well.

Enjoy Sunset on the Desert Discovery Nature Trail

You can wander around and read the plaques to learn more about the desert. Then find yourself a shelter to sit and watch the sunset.

Take the Stunning Cactus Loop Drive

The Cactus Loop Drive is a stunning 8-mile scenic loop paved drive with undulating land to start you off with a good view of the craggy peaks, vistas and of course, ubiquitous cactus.

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