Sabino Canyon Recreation Area is one of the best things to do in Arizona and is the playground of the local Tucson community and any one who visits this city in the Sonoran desert. 

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area

A paved road runs 3.8 miles into the canyon, crossing 9 stone bridges over Sabino Creek. It begins at an altitude of 2,800 feet and rises to 3,300 feet at its end, a popular drop-off in summer because of the swimming holes at Hutch’s Pool and The Crack.

The Sabin Canyon Tram

Along the Sabino route you can get off at any of the nine shuttle stops for a picnic, hike or to spend time along one of the many pools and cascades that grace Sabino Creek. 

Sabino Canyon Hike

There are miles of hiking trails that wander throughout the area and lead deeper into the Santa Catalina backcountry. The short, self-guided Desert Nature Trail next to the visitor center has informative notices about local plants and animals.

The Sabino Canyon Hikes we did

Thankfully, upon arriving at the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center, a ranger came over to greet us and asked if we needed any assistance. Since the tram was closed, I asked for his recommendations for family-friendly Sabino Canyon trails.

It was a fantastic hike that all of us enjoyed, especially the girls. I loved the diversity of the landscape and desert environments we walked through. The hike starts out on the Bear Canyon Trail and part of the road before moving left onto the Sabino Lake Trail trail near the creek.