When you think of the word expedition, chances are your mind conjures up pictures of men huddled together, traversing through blistering winds, snowshoes tied to their feet, and huge sacks of equipment strapped to their backs.

However, there are many companies that offer Ross Sea Antarctica Expeditions, and each one offers a different level of luxury, service, and itinerary, so it can be hard knowing what to expect.

If you’re considering the Ross Sea Antarctic Expedition, then this guide is for you. We interviewed our friend, Lee Abbamonte, who we met on a trip to Snowmass in Colorado and was fascinated by the life he’s lived and his experience on a Ross Sea Expedition.

What Is The Ross Sea?

The Ross Sea is a deep bay of the Southern Ocean, known to be a region of exploration and scientific research. It’s considered one of the last intact marine ecosystems on the planet, hosting a diverse range of species, including crabeater seals and marine mammals.

Who is Lee Abbamonte?

Lee is the youngest American to visit every country in the world, plus the South and North Pole. He’s also attempting to visit all 324 countries and unique destinations in the world per the Travelers Century Club list.

If you’ve ever dreamed of travel to Antarctica, now may be the time to make it happen. Now, Lee shares with us a little about his expedition to the South Pole as well as an amazing Antarctica expedition deal he has for you!

What made you decide to go to the South Pole?

After visiting every country, visiting the South Pole seemed like the next logical step for me. So few people have been there and I was excited by the challenge especially after failing to make it my first time trying!

How do you even make a trip to the South Pole possible?

There’s really only one way to do it. You pay the astronomical cost to get there. The current going rate starts at around $4,000 USD per person (but they are incredibly basic) and go up from there. You can be looking to spend around $7,000 for a mid-range expedition!

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