You see, you learn so much on a Rome food tour! But if you’re not sure what to expect or whether a food tour in Rome is worth it, here is a complete guide based on our personal experience.

Rome is the largest city in the world in terms of size and because of its hectic lifestyle, many don’t have time to sit and eat. Therefore, street food is a very important part of Roman life.

Stops on the Rome Food Tour

If you do this street food and history tour in Rome, your food stops may be different during the week and on Sunday. The awesomeness however will still be the same.

Jewish Artichoke at Bona Pizza

The spidery looking vegetable arrived on the plate, and we were invited to pick it up and eat it like a sandwich. They double fry it which means it’s crunchy on the outside while being sweet and soft on the inside.

Sacred Area of Largo Argentina

These ruins were uncovered whilst digging to build homes for the homeless during the reign of Mussolini. Archeologists knew they discovered something important and begged Mussolini to save it (he had destroyed many ancient forums to build roads to impress Hitler).

Codfish from Filetti di Baccalà

We enjoyed this oily, salty dish with a glass of Pecorino, a typical Italian house wine as we learned the owner’s story and that of the codfish, which is thought to have first come here from Napoli by way of the Swedes!

Red & White Pizza at Campo de’ Fiori

This originally was pizza made for the lower-class. Nowadays famous chefs in Rome acknowledge the forno (bakery) as being the Godfathers of the tasty Roman pizzas they make as it all starts with the quality of bread!

Craft brews at Johnny’s Off License

We had a selection of local craft beer in the fridge we could choose from, including gluten free IPA, which I was thrilled about. We, of course, had sodas for the girls!

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