Are you game enough to embark on a family road trip with grandparents and your kids? Three generations in a car together, does that fill you with excitement or dread?

I won’t lie to you, having all these different personalities and travel styles in one tiny enclosed space can lead to possible tears and head slapping moments, but it can also be filled with treasured bonding experiences between your children and their grandparents (and of course between you and your parents.)

Having a plan is key to making it heaven rather than hell, which is why we have written this guide on how to plan a road trip with grandparents so you can have a great experience, over a hellish one!

Make sure your car is big enough

Perhaps your parents can drive their own vehicle, or you can rent two smaller cars if separation is needed. Although, I do think time spent together while driving between destinations can often be the most rewarding!

Assign everyone a role

It’s great to give everyone a role to play in the car, and exploring a city. If you have multiple drivers, you’ll want to switch up the roles as well. Give the children something they can easily manage and will enjoy doing.

Service, clean and organize the car

Have a place for everything and instruct all passengers of where things belong and their roles in keeping a tidy car. Every time you stop the car, instruct everyone to collect any trash and dispose of it. These good habits will keep a tidy car.

Limit devices and encourage interaction

Allow your child to use their device but restrict their time on it. An hour on the device will give the grownups a bit of quiet time and Nan and Pop some time to snooze.

Choose music everyone will love (and suits the travel)

I know this can be hard when your parent’s music tastes are so far out of your generation, and your children’s choices, you just don’t understand. See how you can weave music into the upcoming travel experience.

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