Road Trip from Los Angeles: 10 Awesome Destinations to Visit!

The best part about taking a road trip from Los Angeles? Everything is within driving distance! That’s why so many people choose to live the vanlife for a few days by renting out a camper van for the weekend. 

Palm Spring

The best part of going from LA to Palm Springs is that you can draw out the journey in an RV or take a day trip. 

Los Angeles To Santa Barbara

It offers modern city life while being a stone’s throw from some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world: the great California coastline, the Channel Islands National Park, and the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens. 

Los Angeles To San Diego

This takes you through small-town coastal California, which stretches across several beautiful beaches, ports, and pools of paradise brimming with the potential of a good time. 

Los Angeles To Big Bear

Big Bear adventures usually start by hitting the I-210 east over to the famed California Rim of The World, which is known for being one the most scenic routes to traverse. 

Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur

Road trips to Big Sur run through hundreds of scenic spots of note, with an excellent balance of natural and human-made wonders lining each mile of your trip.