For the modern-day traveler, it can be a struggle to find the perfect backpack that meets all your travel needs.

When I came across the Driibe CITYC 2-in-1 Expandable Backpack, I was amazed by how versatile and innovative the backpack is designed.

Key Benefits and Features of the Driibe Laptop Bag:

The Driibe CITYC 2-in-1 Expandable Backpack is loaded with features that make it a must-have for any traveler. 

Expandable Design

One of the key benefits and features of this travel bag is its expandable design. When you need extra space, just unzip the bottom to unlock 25% more space in an instant. 

15.6″ Laptop Compartment with Waterproof Padding

There is a waterproof padded laptop compartment to protect your device from bumps, dirt, and scratches.

Organized Inside and Out

There are two external elastic pockets, two internal pockets, and a discreet anti-theft pocket making it easy to safely and securely organize and store your items. 

Jacket or Yoga Mat Holder

CITYC’s front flap can turn into a handy jacket holder: just open the zippers and slide your jacket or pullover through it.

Pockets on Shoulder Strap

There are four Elastic Pockets on both Shoulder Straps. They aren’t big enough to hold a smartphone – not a Samsung Galaxy 23 Ultra anyway!

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