We didn’t visit Idaho until 2019, and before that Idaho was simply the Potato State to us. We didn’t really have a desire to travel to Idaho simply because we did not know any better.

Then my friend, Christine McEvoy, from Macs Explore started sharing her photos and stories of adventures through Idaho, and my interest was piqued.

11 Reasons We Fell In Love With Idaho

And then we visited, and I fell in love. What?? How did we not know any of this? Traveling in Idaho surprised us in so many ways!

Idaho Borders Two Spectacular National Parks

Did you know that Yellowstone National Park is also in Idaho? And just a short drive from the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming is the Teton Valley in Idaho. It’s the Idaho side of this magnificent Grand Teton Mountain Range.

Outdoor Adventures on 60% Federally Protected Land

Having just over 60% of an entire state federally protected is a BIG deal and one of the reasons Idaho is so pristine and full of outdoor adventure.

A Fascinating Volcanic Story

The impressive and lunar-like Craters of the Moon National Monument is a fantastic place to learn this tale and see it firsthand.

The Most Hot Springs in the USA

Idaho has hundreds of natural hot springs – more than any other state – thanks to the natural fault line running underneath it. 

Stunning Scenic Byways

A scenic byway is a road that exhibits one of more six qualities – scenic, natural historic, recreational, archeological, or cultural – that contributes to a unique travel experience.

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