Have you ever wandered about what a journey to Transylvania would be like? This mysterious land, shrouded in mystery and folklore, is best known for its gothic castles, pristine natural beauty, and enchanting history.

Nestled in the heart of Romania, there are many reasons to visit Transylvania, the most bewitching region in Eastern Europe.

Reasons To Visit Transylvania

Here are some of the main reasons that inspire me to wander over Transylvania more and more.

Beautiful Nature

If nature and hiking are part of your life, come to Apuseni. These mountains are located in the western part of Transylvania and belong to the Carpathians. A large area is included in Apuseni Natural Park.

Villages with Fortified Churches

In Transylvania, there are over 150 (once 300) fortified churches. These picturesque Saxon villages can be viewed via different tours and will amaze you with their architecture and beauty.

Lovely Cities

Sibiu, the only city in Romania which has so far held the title of European Capital of Culture, will win you over with its old romantic places, and with the multitude of performances taking place each season.

Kind People

Transylvanian people are said to be faini (meaning good and nice), serious and reliable. I absolutely agree! With them, I’ve always felt good, because they are open, they find time to sit and talk, to laugh and joke.

Beautiful Handmade Crafts

In Transylvania, you can find dozens of small workshops where craftsmen work various objects by hand: of wood, painted furniture, glass icons, ceramic pots.

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