Puerto Rico, also known as the Island of Enchantment, is full of charms that are delivered through its abundant natural beauty and its year round Caribbean tropical weather.

Its rich history, vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and warm locals make it a unique and unforgettable destination.

Reasons To Visit Puerto Rico

In this guide, we share some of the top reasons to visit Puerto Rico and why it makes a great destination for any traveler.

You can explore the oldest city in a U.S. territory

Its seven-by-seven-block grid of cobblestone streets is lined with pastel-colored colonial buildings, plazas, churches, parks, and military fortresses.

For its natural diversity and off the beaten path sceneries

For a taste of the natural diversity and a way to get off the beaten path, drive the astonishingly scenic Ruta Panorámica (Panoramic Route) throughout the center of the island, in my opinion one of the most beautiful routes in the island.

To experience a blend of cultures

As you experience the daily life, you will see and hear the cultural melting pot that characterizes the island in everything from the language, food, dance, traditions, and everything in between.

For its water sports and active adventures

Diving enthusiasts prefer the east coast, while surfers love the waves north and west off Aguadilla and Rincon. There’s also a wide array of places around the island to go deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, and sailing.

Because it is not just one island

Island hopping is one of the ways locals love to explore the island on any given weekend. Vieques and Culebra are considered to be “the way Puerto Rico used to be” – and I agree!

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