We’re all looking for the holy grail to improve some aspect of our life. The step-by-step plan or blueprint that never fails. Formulas and plans can only go so far. Ultimately life improvement or success rests upon the person implementing or following the holy grail.

Don’t fear the shadows

You will improve your life when you learn to uncover the lessons in the negative, and befriend the shadow side. 

Move in the direction of your dreams

It doesn’t have to be through pole vaulting leaps, turtle crawls will do too if that’s all you can manage. Be clear on what your dreams are, believe you can achieve them, and walk confidently towards them.

Improve your relationship with money

It is my very firm belief – grown from my own personal experiences and years of study, that unless you value yourself and what money represents, it won’t come play with you. 

Connect with nature

It’s usually on my long walks, with just the breeze on my face, the trees shielding me from the sun and the waves lapping to shore, that my best ideas come to me. 

Improve your confidence

When I look back on my life – the successes, the failings and the missed opportunities, the one constant connected to all of that is confidence. 

Experience love and joy

All you have to do is understand what or who helps you to feel this way and do more of it. Actively seek these out when you feel a little down.