If you’re new to this concept of vortexes and feeling energy, you may struggle to have an experience at the Sedona Vortexes – well at least one you are aware of and can connect to.

I have a ton of experience and wisdom when it comes to energy – how to tap into it, how to feel and experience it, what it feels like and how it can transform your life.

I’m guessing since you’re reading this post about vortexes in Sedona, Arizona you are at least mildly curious and want some insight into where to find them and how to experience them.

My Best Sedona Vortex Tips

1. Remain open to it 2. Be willing to experience 3. Let whatever will be will be

By that I mean if you feel something, wonderful, if you don’t feel anything, wonderful. Sedona has developed a reputation around the world as a spiritual destination of enlightenment.

You will find a large community of healers and spiritual practitioners. The town is filled with crystals and mystics. People who love this kind of spiritual way of living are drawn to this region for spiritual retreats, introspection, and to feel a sense of harmony.

You’ll experience enough light and joy just by being in the presence of those rugged red cliffs. The color is strong enough to ground you at the same time and help you feel present and alive.

In reality, how can one tell if it’s just the stunning landscape that is heightening your emotions, and lightening your load, or is it in fact the Sedona energy vortex doing it. One thing you will be completely sure of – there is something spiritual and magical about this place and it definitely draws people in who want more of that in their life.

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