When I first started planning a trip to Thailand with kids, my mother’s mind had kicked into gear, imagining every possible danger and working out a commando move in advance.

It’s the world of illogical fear that bursts into your life the minute your babe opens its mouth for that first gasp of air.

Tips for Planning a Trip to Thailand with Kids

I’ve learned not to fight it, but to instead use it as a preparation tool and a reminder to always be alert when travelling with our kids.

Choose the right place to visit

There are many exciting and memorable places to visit in Thailand, and it’s easier to say where not to go than where to go, as generally most places are safe, affordable and interesting.

Choose the right time to visit

The best time to visit is December – January, but it will be busy as it is peak season, so I recommend you book your accommodation and transport in advance.

Get Travel Insurance for Travelling to Thailand with kids

Make sure you are covered for any activities you may be doing that require extra coverage. If you intend on riding a scooter, cover yourself with insurance. It is far too risky not to!

Choose your transportation in Thailand wisely

The best way to get around Bangkok is the super efficient, clean, and cheap SkyTrain (BTS). If that doesn’t take you where you need to go, try the subway (MRT).

Be Sure to Try Street Food in Thailand

Keep it safe – go to the places that are busy with the locals. You can watch the vendors cook the food in front of you anyway and eat it hot after all the bugs have been killed off.

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