Planning a trip to Europe with kids is equal parts exciting and equal parts daunting. It’s unlike any other destination as it involves multiple countries in one land mass, each with their own cultures, rules, foods, and prices.

Europe is filled in and jam packed with endless things to do. How do you decide where to go, what to spend, how to get around, and what to do in each country, while making sure the kids are entertained and happy?

How To Plan A Trip To Europe With Kids

Before you start planning and booking things in, you’ll want to consider the following so you can get it as close to great as possible. 

Get Travel Insurance Before You Start Booking Things

Protection starts from the moment you purchase insurance. Having travel insurance takes away many stresses and hassles of traveling if something goes wrong. 

Involve the Kids in the Planning

Before you start booking anything, try to get the kids excited. Talk about Europe with them, read blog posts and books, watch movies and TV shows set in Europe.

Think about Age-Appropriate Attractions

For younger kids, you may visit places that aren’t as busy, don’t involve so much walking, and have more younger kid activities.

Think About your Time Frame

An optimal time to travel to Europe will be May or September/October when the weather should still be nice, but crowds are fewer as most kids are in school in the USA and Europe.

Try to Use Points and Miles

I know, using points for flights is typically the best value, but why not also use them on accommodation, if it saves you money and is the difference between exploring Europe or staying home.

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