If you’re planning a trip to Northern Europe, and are looking for something a little off the beaten track, yet still interesting to see, then Estonia is a must.

With tons of history, both old and recent, there are so many places to visit in Estonia that any traveler will enjoy, especially if you’re a photographer or history buff.

The Best Places To Visit In Estonia

Whether you love architecture, nature, or old town charms, don’t skip these destinations in Estonia off your bucket list!

Old Town Tallinn

This amazing little-walled city, with its cobblestone streets, old brickwork buildings, and giant churches is extremely beautiful and photogenic.

Saarema Island

It is good to visit for a night or two and hike around the entire island. The island is abundant is quaint light houses and windmills, along with 12th century or older castles and churches.


This pretty little city is known as Estonia’s summer city. It’s most famous for its spas and mud baths and is the most popular health tourism destination in the area.


The student city! High-end shopping, a science center, and a fantastic water-park are just a few attractions that one can enjoy in Estonia’s second largest city. Called “The City of Good Thoughts”, Taru has been a student city since Swedish occupation in the 1600s.

Naissaar Island

This is one tiny island in the Baltic Sea that you probably never heard of. Unlike the big island of Saaremaa, Naissaar is tiny, but just the same, it is still full of untapped wonders, and far less touristy.

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