I know you want them to eat deep fried scorpions and fish ball soup. Travel is all about the local flavors and cultural experiences. 

Know the meals they like and stick to it

I find breakfast the easiest meal to deal with when traveling with a fussy eater. You can usually find toast or cereal, bagels and pancakes are typical winners, and buffet breakfasts usually excite Savannah as she feels she can make a choice she’ll like.

Get a good breakfast

Know your destination

Research your destination and their cuisine and how to find foods that suit your child. It’s also good to know how the cuisine may affect a sensitive stomach. Be aware of how the food you are ordering is cooked, especially in regards to street food and water!

What food can you pack?

With a fussy eater it’s important to have a back up plan. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kicked myself for not being better prepared. I feel so bad for Savannah when she’s faced with no food options she’ll eat, and I could have done a better job at having something for her.

Take your own plane food

With a fussy eater, it’s best you pack your own plane food as you don’t know what food they will serve. It’s a long flight for everyone when you have a hungry child.

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