While the island is mostly known for being a party island full of Full Moon Parties and Patong Beach, we can assure you there is a lot of natural beauty, peaceful towns, and family-friendly beaches in Phuket – it’s beautiful! 

While most people think of Phuket beaches as all being like Patong Beach, we were finally able to explore the rest of the island were happily surprised to stumble across some hidden gems and beautiful landmarks. 

Layan Beach, Phuket

I can’t believe we almost had this piece of paradise all to ourselves, in peak season! No jet skis, no touts, the water was crystal clear, the white sand felt was soft, and it had an overall super chilled vibe. 

Karon Beach, Phuket

We enjoyed Karon Beach. The water and sand are nice, and it’s a long beach which is great for walks. Although there are quite a few resort developments, and plenty of restaurant options, it’s nowhere near as developed as Patong! 

Kata Beach, Phuket

Kata is one beach further south from Karon, and probably a bit more scenic as it’s more of a cove-shaped beach. And whilst it was busier with tourists than Karon, it didn’t feel like it and still had a nice calmness to it, again, perfect for families.

Surin Beach, Phuket

On arrival, I didn’t take to Surin much, but it grew on me. It’s the smallest of the four best beaches in Phuket and whilst full of beach chairs and umbrellas, it’s quite scenic actually with lots of colors going on. 

Freedom Beach

This is one of the best beaches for those who are looking for hidden gems. It’s an almost secluded cove on Phuket’s west coast and is surrounded by dense green forest and dramatic coastlines.