One thing Paris is famous for is opulence and luxury, and the best place to see this at its finest is on a day trip to a grand, 17th-century palace on a day trip from Paris to Versailles. 

Within a metro journey, you can be out of the chaos of the bustling capital, and transported into a calm, sophisticated atmosphere at Versailles, which showcases the extravagant lifestyle of French royalty.

Tips for Visiting Versailles Palace

Before we share the things to do in Versailles in a day, let me share a few important tips. 

Tours of Versailles Estate

We visited on our own. It was more affordable than a tour given we were a family of four. Many of the tours don’t offer children’s rates and kids can get in for free.

There is an app for the Versailles Estate which has lots of information for a self-guided tour although I don’t think it would be as good as having a private tour guide share the highlights and stories.

With a tour guide, you will learn more interesting stories about the palace and the lives of those who lived there, such as the self-absorbed ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV, called ‘the vainest man ever’ by his courtiers and the young Austrian princess, Marie Antoinette.

First tour of the Day: Have a Hall of Mirrors to yourself

Book the first palace tour of the day. Arrive at least 20 minutes early as there will be a line waiting for the doors of the palace to open (9am). We intended to do this but got there about 5 minutes before opening.

Once through the gates, head straight to the Hall of Mirrors. Most people will linger around the courtyard and take their time getting to the Hall of Mirrors as there are many rooms before it. If you skip ahead, you’ll have very few people in the room.

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