When it comes to wild and rugged adventures, you won’t find a country that offers this more than Iceland. It’s quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations to visit, and as such, there are very few hidden gems left to explore for the more adventurous traveler.

From exploring ice caves to less crowded natural hot springs to glaciers and volcanoes, there are plenty of places to explore where the big bus tourists don’t visit.

To help you plan your trip to Iceland, here are where you can get off the beaten path in Iceland as alternatives to the well known, most famous attractions in Iceland.

Fjallsarlon Iceberg Lagoon Instead of Jokulsarlon

Just a 5 min drive from the Ring Road, its lagoon is smaller but rewards the visitor with great views of the glacier and surrounding mountains. Because there is no exit to the ocean, some of the icebergs get really close to the shore allowing you to fave fun around them.

Leirhnjukur Instead Of Haukadalur

This lava field is still steaming 30 years after the last volcanic event! Stay on the track if you don’t want your soles to melt and reconnect to the power of the Earth.

Berserkjahraun Instead of Dimmuborgir

To avoid the crowds, drive on a small gravel road (558) on the Snaefellesnes peninsula to the lava field of Berserkjahraun. The geology and shapes are different, but the views as impressive. And most visitors stay on the main road and miss it.

Myvatn Baths Instead of Blue Lagoon

If you’d like to enjoy the warm thermal waters of a hot spring pool, then the off the beaten track alternative is the Myvatn Baths in North Iceland, which will give you a more intimate experience.

Akureyri Instead of Faxaflói Bay

This is the fifth largest town in Iceland, located in the north, and is a great place to catch the northern lights if you time your visit right. As well as being a beautiful town surrounded by fjords and wildlife, it’s also a great place to embark on a whale watching tour.

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