The Umpqua National Forest is located on the western slopes of the Cascade Mountains in southwest Oregon. It’s just over an hour east of Eugene, nearly three hours south east of Portland, and under two hours south west of Bend. 

Umpqua National Forest

The word Umpqua loosely translates to either “Thundering waters” or “across the waters,” but another translation for this surviving word of the Umpqua language is “satisfied” referring to a full stomach. 

Watson Falls Trail

I really enjoyed this easy one mile hike to the viewing area of the 293 foot Watson Falls. It is the third tallest waterfall in the state and thunders over a craggy cliffside surrounded by a lush forest of Douglas-firs and moss covered boulders at its base.

Toketee Falls Trail

Toketee Falls had a lush, tropical beauty that reminded me of Hawaii. It’s one of the best waterfalls I saw in Oregon including Multnomah Falls. It’s an easy 0.6 mile trail to the lookout point to see this two-tiered waterfall thundering into the pools below.

Umpqua Natural Hot Spring

So this was a beautiful series of terraced geothermal hot springs in the Umpqua National Forest. You reach them on hte short, steepUmpqua Hot Springs Trail trail (very doable. Someone was carrying a bike up there when we were coming down.) It can be slippery so be careful. 

Oregon is a very raw and unfiltered state, so families be warned, many people will be nude at these hot springs. I don’t have a problem with this at all. Savannah thought it was hilarious and Kalyra was put off and begged me not to strip off. No chance honey!