Dreaming of visiting Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park in Arizona? You wouldn’t be wrong to do so!

It was one of our bucket list destinations on our USA road trip in the American Southwest with our kids.

Things to Do in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

And with so many amazing things to do in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, it certainly lived up to our expectations.

Drive The Monument Valley Scenic Drive

It starts past the visitor center and lips around Rain God Mesa. Allow at least 2 hours to complete the drive and enjoy all the stops along the way.

Check Out The Mittens

When viewed from the south, these buttes look like hands, yet signify spiritual beings watching over the valley (and you)! You can feel their spiritual protection from the moment you see them.

Admire the Views from John Ford Point

It’s named after the Hollywood director who made John Wayne famous through the western movies filmed here.

Marvel at the Totem Pole

This is a spire monument which is an example of what erosion will do to a butte.

See the “Indian Warrior”

I loved pulling off to the side of the road to see the mountain shaped like an Indian Warrior head. He’s protectively looking down upon the valley and over the Navajo Hogan village, we could see in the distance.

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