If you’re thinking about doing a Montmartre food tour in Paris and are on the fence, I’m here to tell you to jump off on the right side of YES.

It will take you deeper than stunning Eiffel Tower views and art masterpieces to reveal a quieter, local side of Paris rich in history and, of course, French cuisine.

Stops on the Montmartre Food Tour

After a little history, we walked to our first food experience of the tour, yes of course you guessed it – croissants. Would you want a Paris food tour to start in any other way?

Croissants at Boris Lumé Pâtisserie Boulangerie

Boris Lume Patisserie Boulangerie is not only a place filled with exceptional pastries but is famous with a much younger crowd from around the world for other reasons. 

Chocolate Eclairs from Arnaud Lahrer

Arnaud Lahrer was put through a year of grueling tests given by the French Ministry of Education to receive a highly prestigious award – Meilleur Ouvrier de France given only to the best craftspeople in France every four years. The eclair was heaven. 

Cheese and Baguettes at Epi

This small, family-run cheese shop was filled with local organic produce, including French cheese, Prince of Paris ham, and gherkins.

Pork mini burgers at Llétoile de Montmartre

We had small samples of a pork mini burger mixed with onion, garlic and Swiss chard. They were delicious and I was grateful the girls did not finish theirs so I could eat just one more. Hey, they were small! 

Natural Wine Tasting at Les Naturistes

You will find sulfites in these wines as sulfites are naturally occurring, but you won’t find any of the other chemical additives that many commercial wines enjoy adding in to help increase your hangover.

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