Have you ever wanted to swim with manta rays? Then Coral Bay on the Coral Coast of Western Australia is the place to go!

Located on the shores of the world famous Ningaloo Reef, which is famous for being a thriving home to whale sharks, wobbegongs, and several species of reef shark – to say our expectations were high was an understatement.

Our Experience Swimming With Manta Rays at Coral Bay

If you’ve thought about swimming with manta rays but not sure what to expect, here is our experience swimming with these magnificent creatures.

We put our faces in the water and there was the manta ray’s face only a few feet away swimming towards us. We both squealed, “manta ray!” It turned and we swam to keep up.

Pretty soon the others had caught up and overtook us and the manta slipped away. Trying to swim fast while holding onto a seven year old is no easy feat.

“Did you see that Mummy? We were so close to it. That was amazing.”

Kalyra, she decided it was too cold and waved the boat down to pick us up. She’d seen the manta ray up close and that was enough. No more chasing was needed, which was wonderful news for me as it meant I could go back in to swim with the manta ray on my own.

Because of the kerfuffle getting Kalyra ready, I forgot to turn the Gopro on so totally missed that moment when the manta came up to say hi.

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