Nestled in the heart of France, the Loire Valley is a treasure trove of stunning châteaus, picturesque landscapes, and delectable wines.

It’s a grand and captivating region that is one of the biggest UNESCO world heritage sites in the world, composed of 800 square km.

Things To Add To Your Loire Valley Itinerary

Make sure to check out the following attractions and highlights!

Visit Three of the Best Chateaus in the Loire Valley

I know you want to make the most of your time and visit every single castle in the Loire Valley. Well, there are over 300 of them so that’s an exercise in burnout.

You will have a far better time, if you focus on just a few of the most beautiful and explore them at a slower pace while doing interesting things like wine tasting, horse-riding, and kayaking!

Château de Chambord: UNESCO Grandeur

It’s the largest of the castles, has UNESCO World Heritage Site status, its park is as vast as inner Paris, and is the largest enclosed park in Europe, and you can visit 60 of its 426 rooms! 

Much of the castle’s Renaissance-style design has been attributed to the innovation and imagination of Leonardo da Vinci. The most fascinating of which is the iconic double helix staircase in the center of the castle, which was inspired by nature’s spiraling forms. 

There are many activities to enjoy on the castle’s grounds including renting boats on the lake, riding bikes around the property, or walking along the many trails.

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