Since 1914 people have visited this sacred place nestled into the Smoky Mountains of Haywood County for renewal, peace, and solitude. It’s slow and quiet, with the lack of amenities that typically distracts: loud music, bustling waterside restaurants, wine bars and breweries.

Walk the Labyrinth

Start your process of renewal, at the Labyrinth on the lawn east of Memorial Chapel on the lake. A labyrinth is a walking meditation, or path or prayer found in many cultural and religious traditions around the world.  

Lake Junaluska Walking Trail

The best way to experience Lake Junaluska, NC is to join the contemplative walkers on the scenic trail winding around the lake – beautiful in Spring with the splashes of pink and white blooming flowers. 

Find Inspiration at Lake Junaluska Cro

For many, a highlight to a stay at Lake Junaluska is the giant lighted cross perched high on Inspiration Point overlooking the lake. Constructed in 1922 on the elevated ridge, knowns as Inspiration Point overlooking the lake. It reaches 25 feet high from a stone base and is illuminated with 156 lights.

Sunset at Lake Junaluska

Reflect with gratitude at the base of the iconic illuminated Junaluska cross at Inspiration Point as the sunsets behind the mountains bathing the area in glowing orange and pinks of dusk. 

Lake Junaluska Sunrise

Catch the early rays shimmering across the lake as the mist rises and the birds start to sing. It’s the serenity and stillness you need to hear the whispers of your soul. 

Lake Junaluska Activitie

There is also a swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts and picnic tables. The Rose Garden Spring – roses budding on the Rose Walk, daffodils and tulips blooming. Golfers will love the Lake Junaluska Golf Corse with its sweeping lake and Blue Ridge Mountain views as you tee off.