Our Australian road trip opened my eyes to the strength and resilience of my daughters, and one such experience that proved this was when we did the Kings Canyon Rim Walk in Watarrka National Park.

The Australian Outback is a vast and desolate place, with canyons, gorges, creeks and incredible rock formations. It’s an adventurers playground, but not one people usually think about taking their kids to.

But, out here on the road, in the Red Centre of Australia, you’re plonked into adventures that force you to redefine what’s possible.

“Let’s just try it and see how we go. We can always turn back.” That’s what we said on the morning we set out early to do the Kings Canyon rim walk, in the Watarrka National Park.

Other people told us the girls couldn’t do it, but we knew we could try first and then discover the real answer instead of just assuming.

From the minute we started, they took control of their legs. It was just on sun up, so it was cool, and there were no flies.

They made it to the top of the only steep part of the walk, took a rest and admired the views over the sheer 100-metre high sandstone walls and the sun rising above the deep gorge.

It was lovely to walk amongst the dome shapes and see the colours change as the sun continued its journey up.

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