The INNSiDE New York Nomad is the first American hotel from the contemporary European INNSiDE by Melia Hotels International.

Located in Chelsea in the heart of Manhattan, between 6th and 7th Avenue, you’ll find this stylish residence standing tall in the trendy NoMad district (North of Madison Square Park).

About INNSiDE New York Nomad Hotel

The INNSiDE New York Nomad Hotel proved to be an exceptional hotel for us as a family, as business travelers running our travel blog, (actually anyone) visiting New York.

The entry way was decorated with plants and flowers and floor-to-ceiling glass covered the façade.

Relaxed guests were sipping cocktails on the lobby bar terrace and others lazing around on the softly padded lounge chairs.

The front desk and lobby was open and light with splashes of color to raise your energy but keep it subdued enough to feel relaxed.

I breathed deep and had a feeling we had arrived at an Oasis in the city that never sleeps.

It was not what I was expecting at all for a New York hotel and I was pleasantly surprised by my first experience of the INNSiDE by Melia hotel chain.

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