Thousands of Greek Islands

Teeming with ancient history and set against stunning backdrops, the Greek islands are unlike any other place on Earth.


This quirky Greek island is the only of its kind that outlaws vehicles.

Tip: Do not rely on Hydra to be a beach escape, as they are found sparingly and are extremely rocky.


Being only a quick 30-minute hydrofoil ride from the main port of Pireaus makes it an easy choice for tourists who are seeing Athens sights but don’t have the time to island-hop.


Compromised of several quaint villages, fishing towns and coastal resorts, this island offers a truly authentic slice of Grecian life.

Santorini (Thira)

Undoubtedly one of the most famous of Greece’s islands, Thira (as it’s known to the Greeks) balances jaw-dropping beauty and intriguing ancient history with a lively party scene and is truly the island that offers something for everyone.


Pack a picnic and hike to the churches on the top of the hill in the old town’s (Chora) center for a 360 panoramic view of Ios in time to catch the sunset.


The center is a maze of narrow cobble-stoned streets that buzz with energy deep into the night when the bars and clubs open and are bustling during the day with shoppers. The famous windmills and little Venice (pictured) are a must-see as they are just as beautiful in-person as by photo.


Agricultural at its core, Naxos offers some of the best beaches on the Aegean (and dare I say, the Mediterranean) and a lively beach promenade and town center. It hasn’t lost its charm, likely because it isn’t reliant upon tourism like so many of the other Greek islands are.

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