Initiatives based around families who travel and keeping active and healthy on the road are fantastic and important to us. 

We’ve seen first hand that travel contributes to our kids overall well-being. Let’s start them young so they don’t have to learn this stuff when they’re older! 

Travel leads people back to their soul. 

The soul wants us to have this permission to live freely, to bring back wonder and awe, and connect to life more deeply. To express what truly matters. 

Travel empowers the well-being in children. 

Seek out those experiences that will help your children feel healthier and more in control of their lives. 

Even if a relaxing holiday is what you seek, there are plenty of hotels and resorts that offer programs to help your kids move their body. 

Travel promotes an active lifestyle 

Confidence is such an essential skill to have for a fulfilled and happy life, which is a huge part of overall being. I love the travel life we’ve given our girls from an early age as confidence comes more naturally to them.

Travel builds confidence 

Travel is one way to pull children out of the cyber world and allow them this grace and freedom to explore more who they are and how they fit into the world. 

Travel creates reconnection