Rome, the Eternal City, is one of the most magical cities in Europe. It’s home to countless historical landmarks and architectural marvels, including one of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Colosseum.

The Roman Forum, known as Forum Romanum, was the center of political, social, and economic life in ancient Rome. It started as a swampy valley between the prominent hills of the city.

Things to See In The Colosseum

Here are some of the most unmissable things to see in the Colosseum and highlights not to miss.

Arena Floor

Walking on the same ground where gladiators once fought and entertained the crowds really helps to imagine the intensity of the battles and feel the energy that once filled the arena.

Amphitheater Seating

Although the seating of the amphitheater no longer exists, you can still walk around the two tiers where seats once stood. The second level is the best level, as you get better views of the Arena Floor and can also look out over the Roman Forum and Arch of Constantine.

Third Level (The Belvedere)

There is a third level of seating, known as The Belvedere, which is only accessible via guided tour. Historically, this would be where the lower class would sit and is where you will find Roman toilets!

The Museum

The museum has a handful of exhibitions that help visitors learn more about ancient Roman culture and daily life, as well as the construction and history of the Colosseum.

The Underground

See where lions were kept in cages and where gladiators warmed up before a fight. Although now in ruins, it’s still possible to make out rooms in this maze of tunnels and passages.

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