For most travelers, backpacking through Europe is at the top of their bucket list, and money should not be a reason to put those plans on hold.

With numerous things to do in Europe, it’s a huge milestone for every traveler wanting to experience the magic of Europe.

Tips For Visiting Europe On A Budget

We share our top tips on how to visit Europe on a budget so you can plan your visit without breaking the bank!

Avoid Visiting during Peak Season

This is the time when you see the least amount of tourists (a plus) and you might also find that accommodations and tours will lower their prices.

Visit Eastern Europe for Christmas Markets

Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Riga in Latvia and Bratislava in Slovakia also great Christmas Markets and are considerably less touristy than the ones in major cities.

Stay in Hostels in Europe

These are some of the cheapest accommodation options in Europe and will save you a huge chunk of your budget.

Eat like a local

You can always tell a place is good when it’s packed full of locals. So to travel on a budget in Europe, eat the way a local eats.

Try Cycling or Walking Everywhere

If you truly want to immerse yourself in a European country or city you are at, then explore it on two wheels or feet.

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