If you’re travelling through Texas and want to explore some incredible national parks, then visiting Big Bend Ranch State Park should be high on your list.

Most people will travel to the state parks next door neighbor, Big Bend National Park, which is a little more famous. But Big Bend Ranch State Park is no less beautiful.

Things to do in Big Bend Ranch State Park

Keep reading and you’ll see how you can still incorporate some of this backcountry on your day in Big Bend State Park.

Drive the River Road – RM 170

Not only is this drive full of gorgeous view points and hikes, you get the unique experience of driving in the US, but right beside Mexico.

Madera Canyon (camping spot)

I found the views here not long after the eastern entrance into Big Bend State Park stunning. It’s a popular camping spot as well. Be sure to pull over and enjoy the views whether you are camping or not.

The Big Hill Lookout

If you’ve seen any photos of the Rio Grande winding through spectacular mountain country, it’s probably been taken from The Big Hill Lookout. This is right at the top of the bend and pretty indiscreet so look out for it.

Closed Canyon Trail

Little sunlight reaches into the floor thanks to the high walls, making this a cool spot to hike, especially in those hotter months.

Hoodoos Trail

Hoodoos are unique geological features. It’s an African word which refers to what they believed were strange animal shapes in the rocks and embodied evil spirits.

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