We have all seen them. The travel influencers and social media stars who have a traveling lifestyle. For many, the idea of having a life of constant travel feels like a pipe dream, but we’re here to tell you that you can make traveling your life, too!

You don’t need a million followers on Instagram, nor do you need to sell your home. There are many ways to live a life of travel without making huge life changes or putting in hours of work.

How to Live a Life of Travel

If you’re wondering how to live a life of travel and not sure where to start, in this guide we’ve shared some tips and tricks for adopting a nomadic lifestyle and becoming full-time travelers.

Make it a working holiday

We’ve had a wide variety of working holiday jobs overseas including teaching, teaching English as a Second Language, working on a pearl farm, hospitality and working for the airlines. There are so many jobs you can do!

Travel long-term in affordable places

Choose the countries that are cheap to travel to for the long-term. Our long-term trips have taken us through South East Asia and Africa – countries where the budget conscious could get by on $30-$50 a day or even less.

Make smart spending decisions

Prioritize how you spend money. Spend the bare minimum and always have a number in the back of your mind of what you’re willing to spend on things.

Save well

Remember you also need to save for insurances, taxes, and maybe putting into a retirement plan if you’re self employed. You may also need to make a big purchase at a later date, such as if you need a new laptop or book a last minute flight back home.

Make travel your focus

Once you start focusing on something, you start planning, and then usually the Universe helps you by bringing what you need to make it happen. The small steps start to grow bigger and before you know it you are living the life of travel you thought was only possible for the lucky ones.

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