Finding Cheap Tickets Is All About The Best Value

When thinking about how to find cheap flights online, the cheapest fare is only part of reducing the cost and if you’re flying with kids like us, it’s often about BEST VALUE rather than the lowest price.

Start searching as early as possible

Airlines generally release tickets 11 months in advance. Once you know your destination start searching and continue to check at least once per week.

What is the best DAY to fly?

The consensus is that it’s best to FLY OUT on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. These are typical off-peak days with airlines carrying fewer business travelers, usually meaning lower fares and a surplus of seats.

Check alternate airports

If there is more than one airport near your origin or final destination, check them both before making your flight booking. The more options you have in terms of airports and travel dates, the more likely you will be able to find the best deals on airfare.

Consider round trip ticket

Even if you are only flying one way, sometimes they are so expensive that the round trip ticket is actually cheaper. Just forfeit the return leg portion. We have done this from Sydney to LA. Crazy, but it happens.

Avoid holiday periods when flying

I know, it’s and obvious tip when searching for cheap air tickets.  But try not to fly up to 7 days before or after a major holiday period. 

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance When Buying Cheap Ticket

When you buy cheap flights, you might be purchasing non-refundable tickets. It’s a risk you take in order to save some money. That’s why I always look at the value more than just the price.

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