One of the most popular activities in Paris is to climb The Eiffel Tower steps up to the viewing platform.

Walking up the steps was certainly an exhilarating experience and will take your breath away – both in the effort of climbing and with the breathtaking views from the top.

What is it like Climbing the Eiffel Tower Stairs?

Climbing the stairs is not a difficult task and you don’t need to be particularly active to do it. 

There are a total of 327 steps taking you to the first platform, where you can stop and admire the views, and then there are a further 347 steps to take you to the second floor. 

There are also interspersed landings where you can stop and catch your breath (and the views) as you ascend. It takes roughly 30 minutes to climb the stairs from the ground floor to the second floor, with breaks to admire the views in between.

First Floor Views

There is plenty of space to walk around, and it’s where you’ll find the cafes and seating areas. And there were official photographers on the first-floor grabbing people for photos.

Second Floor Views

As the tower rises the width decreases. So the room on the second floor will be less than the first, but more than the third! There are more open air sections on the second floor for those expansive views and photos.

Is it worth going to the third floor?

I’ve heard many others say the view from the third floor is really no different to the second floor, it’s just higher up, but there are also higher barriers, less space, and more haze!

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