“Hey, a little something, give me 1 Pound, eh eh eh eh, come on.” This is the familiar choice of persuasive words, researched and practiced over years to perfection, that you will encounter a lot in Egypt.

This is known in Egypt as Baksheesh. It’s used to describe a small amount of money that’s been given either as a tip, bribe, or donation.

In order to know how to deal with baksheesh, you need to know the ways in which a person may use it. Here are some ways in which people try to get baksheesh from travelers:

– They will try to relate in a personal way to their victim and try to establish a connection or link – They may offer a service or piece of advice (can be useful or useless)

– Without asking permission, they may provoke someone to use their service (such as a taxi or following for directions) – They may use all rules and regulations to their advantage and discard rules that will hinder (flaky or real)

– Initially they may give roundabout clues as to their motive of making a little money but typically they will appear friendly at first and then once you engage, their motives become more apparent

– They may come right out without hesitation and demand a couple of pounds or even come right out and say “give me baksheesh” – They will make their target feel a bit guilty for not giving a tip

– If the victim still isn’t playing ball, they may start to get a little more aggressive (not so much in a threatening way, but in a conviction of the culprits wrongdoing). They usually are not out to attack you, but they will follow you for a long time.

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