When I was pregnant with my first daughter, Kalyra, I felt as if those around me were celebrating something other than the life growing inside me. They would say, “so that’s the end of the travels, hey? You can’t travel with kids now.” I felt as if I was walking a path to the gallows.

Little did they know that we had no intentions of stopping our travels because we had kids. In fact, traveling as a family was something we were looking forward to.

I was determined to prove the naysayers wrong and prove that travel would do wonders for my children. Here are some of the benefits of travel on children…

Close Family Bonding Time With Happy Parents

What your children need most is loving, happy parents who spend quality moments with them. When we travel together we strengthen our family bond with shared memories of adventure, carefree living, exploration, laughter and play time.

They Learn to Value Memories, Not Just Possessions or Achievements

Life is about enjoying experiences and accumulating memories — it’s what shapes who we are and is the only thing that we can take with us to the end.

The World Becomes Their Classroom

Some would call it, “The village raising the child.” There is so much the locals in your vacation destination can teach your child without even trying.

Anyone Can Be Your Friend

My children are quickly learning that strangers can easily become friends. All it takes is a smile to break down barriers, a common connection, a few stories to share, games to play, and a laugh thrown in.

Travel Is Character Building

Not only does travel teach you thinks like compassion, understanding, and empathy, but it also teaches your children about prejudices and stereotypes, and acceptance of the ways other people live.

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