Again, this time I couldn’t register the girls for homeschooling in Australia so the only option was distance education. But, when I looked into distance education while traveling overseas, it was going to cost at least $1500 per child (including international postage – whole lotta hassle there too!).

Why I chose to homeschool on the road, or in other words, roadschooling? 

When we left Burleigh, we didn’t realize we’d still be in Australia in 2017! Thanks, visa delays. So I took Kalyra out of school without registering her in another one. There haven’t been any police knocking on my door so far for truanting. 

Registering for homeschooling 

What about registering for homeschooling in the USA? 

I will register them as homeschoolers when we get to the US. From my research, registering for homeschooling in the USA could be an easy process. Each state has different rules and regulations when it comes to registering for homeschooling. Ensure you do your due diligence as there may be documentation requirements. 

How I am approaching roadschooling 

The last thing I want is for my girls to return back to school and be behind. I don’t want to disadvantage them in that way and make things difficult for their teachers when they go back to school. 

What are our higher order thinking skills? 

Bloom’s Taxonomy gives a framework for teaching thinking and is kinda the Bible that helps teachers plan lessons. Bloom’s aim was to promote higher forms of thinking in education, such as analysing and evaluating, rather than just teaching students to remember facts (rote learning). 

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