Resettling back into normal life in Raleigh, North Carolina after full-time travel across the USA had its challenges and stresses for us, one of the biggest ones was “what are we going to do about school?”

Children need us to be their guides until they are old enough to have the confidence and wisdom to do it themselves, which is what we are ultimately training them for and empowering them to do. 

How travel helps in the evolutionary growth of the child Our travels have helped our girls become thoughtful and curious about the world they live in. They have learned much about themselves and important issues.

How our homeschooling approach has  evolved We started as nervous homeschoolers in 2013, when Kalyra (6) was in her third term of Kindergarten and I was not long out of the classroom. 

Why homeschooling needed to change I think our approach to homeschooling thus far was perfect as I don’t think it matters too much when they are younger. A lot does depend on the child: their personalities, learning styles and curiosities, but you can really get by.

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